Misha Feigin at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Misha Feigin was born and raised in the USSR (Moscow). Now, he describes himself as solo, classical/acoustic guitarist and singer. His music is a right mix of gypsy music, folk, flamenco, jazz, and eastern-European traditional music. Misha sings well in both Russian and English languages.

30 Years in Personal Music Style

He has toured for the last 30 years in North America and Europe. Among his prominent performances were that in the  Kennedy Centre, at Winnipeg Folk festival, and Vancouver Jazz Festival. He performed at the same stage and made records with such prominent musicians as Dave Liebman, Peter Yarrow, and Elliott Sharp. Misha’s unique solo guitar program has no analogies in Kentucky, where he currently lives. His style is a mix of  Russian gypsy, classical and flamenco music. Misha’s elegant guitar solo just amazing and piano music for special occasions and receptions is very popular.

The Winnipeg Folk Festival

One of the brightest music events were performed by Misha Feigin and his band at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This is an amazing year-round art platform that presents one of North America’s best open air  music festivals each July. The Winnipeg Folk Festival is an annual celebration of people who like premium world folk music. This is a great experience of discovery and learning through the music gatherings, communication, concerts.

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Values of the Winnipeg Folk Festival lie in collaboration. Fest team of real music lovers and enthusiasts work with that people who have the same spirit and literally breathe the same air. Folk music admirers want to build something greater than just fest. They want to create and inspire, listen and enjoy. Misha Feigin and his band fully shared the culture of volunteerism and the spirit of amazing folk music power, its magic influence on people’s emotions.

Creativity and inspiration are distinctive features of the fest for its fans. Newcomers from music world made there their debuts by demonstrating strong and diverse talent, nurturing creativity and promoting spirit of free art and self-expressions.

Misha Feigin with his amazing band and Gypsy colour was more than desirable guest of the event. For many people his style became real discovery!

Spinning up the developing of folk music, the Winnipeg Folk Festival is a prominent even in today’s folk music world. Experienced musicians and Emerging talent both at one stage contribute greatly to developing genre. Team of the fest  always goes beyond expectations.