Misha Feigin: Best Ever Albums

Discography envisages the list  of published sound recordings by a certain musician or singer within some definite musical genres. The exact information varies depending on the type and cope of the discography, recording company, promotion and so on.

Misha Feigin Discography:

Mikhail Feigin* = Михаил Фейгин* – Only One Road = Только Одна Дорога  2 versions,     Melody        1990

Both Kinds Of Music ‎(CD, Album)    Leo Lab    LEO LAB CD 060    1999

Misha Feigin / Craig Hultgren / LaDonna Smith – They Are We Are ‎(CD, Album)    Leo Lab    LEO LAB CD 071    2000

Misha Feigin, Helmut Bieler-Wendt, Johannes Frisch – Moscow By Heart ‎(CD, Album)    MusiCircus    SMC 040614    2006

LaDonna Smith, Misha Feigin – Yokel Yen ‎(CDr, Album)    Trans Museq    Trans Museq 14    2006

LaDonna Smith & Misha Feigin – Floating Bridges ‎(CDr, Album)    Trans Museq    trans museq 17    2007

Dave Liebman*, LaDonna Smith, Misha Feigin with Jason Foureman – Waters Ashore ‎(CDr, Album)    Trans Museq    none    2007

The Dew Drop Blues ‎(CDr, Album)    DPR Records (3)    012    2010

Misha Feigin & Susan Alcorn – The Other Side Of Reflections ‎(CDr, Album)    DPR Records (3)    014    2012

Misha Feigin With Susan Alcorn – The Crossing ‎(CDr, Album)

The Road to Success

Misha left the Soviet Union when it was cracking. Plus his personal situation. And, finally, professional motives. His life was related to rock, folk music and jazz, and  the last period – with so-called experimental music. All the superstars of these genres lived and played in America – mostly in New York. He dreamed at least once to play with his American colleagues .

A real success musician can only achieve in New York. Mr Feigin was primarily interested in New York Downtown Music, a combination of rock, jazz and avant-garde, the opportunity to hang out with New York musicians. Before leaving the USSR Artemi Troitsky, a man with huge connections in the music world, had given him a list of phones in New York, so Misha immediately joined the music capital of the world. His first visit was to the famous club “Knitting Factory”. A black singer of impressive dimensions, gospel, alleluia, and then the Sikhs with sitar.  Soon he met Elliott Sharp. He was like God in experimental music! And a miracle, Sharpe invites to perform with him and even make a joint recording.

New York and Louisville

He spent a year and a half hanging out in New York with almost no money and a permanent roof over his head. From time to time he performed in prestigious music clubs with famous musicians, got the right connections and recommendations. But all this was not enough for normal everyday life. In addition, New York is a very expensive city. It was necessary to look for some way out. And it was found, thanks to his friend from Kentucky Michael Kessler. Misha  moved to Louisville –  a pleasant town with hospitable inhabitants and cheap enough to stay, by American standards, life.

In Louisville Misha Feigin belongs to 2-3 % of American musicians who earn money by music. Now, he also gives lectures to university students and he is quite popular in his genre.

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