Misha Feigin – One of the Brightest Modern Guitarist

Born and raised in Moscow, USSR, Misha Feigin is a Russian guitarist, based in the USA.

He is lean with a half-gray hair and sad eyes, interlacing Russian songs with translations and short stories. Former Muscovite, now this musician lives in Louisville, Kentucky.  And there he is quite a prominent person with great attention from public to his music and teaching.

Early Years in Search of Music Style

Back in the USA times he was a classical the third or fourth generation hereditary Muscovite with “pre-revolutionary” experience. Until his 14th we lived in the center of Moscow, occupying one room in a big apartment. Typical Soviet communal life, but with a Kremlin view. Instead of a violin for three years he had been playing piano. He was not lucky with the teacher, and his musical education finished at the age of eight. But the love for classical music remained for life, mostly thanks to parents. He studied really well. He graduated from the mathematical school number 2, then the Moscow Aviation Institute, received a diploma of an engineer in radio electronics, but worked on the adjustment of ventilation.

In early years he became fond of rock music. Then, in the student construction team in Divnogorsk,  he participated in a rock band. Gradually he learned to play along with “bass”. In his student years he was playing at dances in clubs. It was a wonderful time for a young man because he was very successful.

Here And Now

For last years Feigin name has increasingly come across local Louisville community  in newspapers, on radio and television. Once it announcement about the concert, then a review of his collection of poetry, then you may discover his published book of prose.

In the car American often listen to the radio, and once upon a time you may listen  some program about the of Misha Feigin  “Gypsies of the Sahara” ensemble, quite unexpectedly for this radio station.

Some music critics and guitar admirers have never heard anything like this – a perfect mix of Russian, Jewish, Arab, and Gypsy music. But a cocktail of seemingly incompatible styles turned out to be just more than excellent.

Not Just Books, But Witty Stories

Louisville is not a cultural province, of course. It  have artists with world names, but there is an ethnic cultural famine, insiders note. Good news is Americans know about Russian musician Misha as about not just a local guitarist, but a musician of national and international level. Interest was sinned off  up by books by Feigin.

Both were published in English. We strongly advise reading the collection of poems “The Last Word in Astronomy” and especially his prose “Searching for Irina”. Brilliant, witty stories, sketches from the life of Moscow of the era of stagnation.  Last is an impressive  story about the tragic fate of a young woman, crushed by the caterpillars of the Soviet System.